- The Idea

The Alps are the reservoir of Europe. In no other area of Europe do so many natural springs exist as in the Alpine region. For this reason we have begun to create an interactive information system especially for Alpine Springs.

To help complete this work the LBV Landesbund für Vogelschutz gained the sponsorship of the Swiss Rewhose work is also concerned with ecological awareness, till the end of 2005.

Throughout this research springs will be viewed from several different stand points, for example; scientific, cultural, artistic or mythological perspectives. With this information we hope to improve the awareness for, the protection and the maintenance of these valuable ecosystems.

This website offers interested parties a source of information that will explain how to responsibly work with and how to treat these natural water sources. These pages will also be the beginnings of a knowledge database which may later be used for research purposes.

Communities, owners of springs and other associated parties will particularly be addressed through this website. Example activities will be presented to interested parties, in order to gain as many duplications as possible, and in order to create a multiplication effect.

Do you know current programs or people that are connected with this theme? Are you interested in working with this project? We would love to hear from you! [ CONTACT ]


The next step will be to allow an interactive element into this system, rather then having it purely as an information source. Authorized users will then have the possibility to enter data into the system. This could be for example; data about spring locations, statements over particularly interesting spring areas or information over activities and initiatives.

In order to continue to use our internet platform to enlarge and further internationally promote the current information pool around the alpine sources, you now have the chance to support us. You can either become a partner of the project and therefore use the available advert space on our web pages or become an executive sponsor and officially present Please contact us

The Idea
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